Hello, and welcome to my website!

My name is Sabine Hutt, and I am a practitioner of natural medicine with many years experience of providing classical homeopathic treatment, and counselling, for a wealth of illnesses and ailments, including but not restricted to......

Spinal column & disc massage therapy
Detoxification programme
Liver cleansing and revitalisation programme
Allergy treatment
Immune system boosting
Biological cancer treatment
Weight management, diet advice and metabolic conditioning programmes
Colon Hydrotherapy - gentle cleansing treatment of the digestive system

Two further highly specialised areas in which homeopathic treatment has proven itself succesful is in the treatment of both children and the over 60´s. Children and teens displaying signs of, or suffering from, hyperactivity, nervousness, attention deficit or eating disorders as well as over (or soon to be over) 60´s seeking advice on how to maintain and improve their vitality, fitness and mental agility are in the best possible hands.

Dietary and weight programmes are also available, providing specialised information covering the intake and consumption of fat, protein and carbohydrates based upon your optimal weight and the results of over 40 tests carried out on a blood sample taken from you.

All consultations begin with a chat in my surgery, simple make an appointment and arrange to pay me a visit at a time that best suits you. These consultations, as well as any following treatments & counselling, can be carried out entirely in English, should you so wish.

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