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"Even when I eat less I can´t seem to lose any weight"

"Despite trying different diets, I´ve put weight this down to metabolic change?"

How often have we heard these and other such like questions from people, battling with their weights?

One of the main problems is that the different diets being suggested and sold to people seeking to lose weight forget one basic, highly important fact...not everybody has the same metabolism and not everyone can tolerate the same foodstuffs.

The key hormone in metabolic change is insulin which is activated by carbohydrates. An increase in your insulin levels leads to higher amounts of blood fat, which prevents harmonic metabolic change in our bodies.

Fat alone does not lead us to weight problems, many other products combine with and lead to the disruption of natural metabolic change.

"Which foodstuffs would improve my metabolic conditioning?"

To answer this question a blood sample taken from you will undergo 40 different tests, at the end of which we will be in a position to advise you which nutrients and foodstuffs will perfectly complement your own personal, natural process of metabolic changes.

Heilpraktikerin Sabine Hutt

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